Chartering a Private Jet for a Flight to NYC

The plumblodge 862 masons meet each week at our main location, but once a year in the dead of winter, we fly in the extended masonry team from all over the United States to meet in one central location for two nights. The location selected for this year’s annual meeting was New York City. Who doesn’t love the Big Apple? That’s a rhetorical question, everyone does. The traffic not so much, but everything else is magical, especially when Christmas rolls around. Instead taxing an Uber to the airport and taking a boring commercial flight for peons, this year we decided to do something a little differently and chartered a private jet. Not a single mason in the group has ever flown private, so we were very much looking forward to the opportunity. We called LUX air solutions for a private jet rental from NYC and fell in love with the accommodations. No TSA, fast flight time because of the speed of the aircraft, a pilot that flew in the war, and the luxury seats were nothing short of amazing. I’ll be posting an update after the event, but that was by far the most exciting news of the week so far. I mean, I know we have Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday, but I can tell you for damn sure my family isn’t renting any privates jets to come home for it!